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Emily Santos, Founder of Essential Organizing

Pause. Take a moment. You’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Emily. I help busy people like you organize your home to make space for what matters in your life.

About Essential Organizing

Imagine opening any cabinet, drawer or closet and seeing exactly what you need. Everything makes sense and everything matters to you. That's why I founded Essential Organizing: to help busy people breathe that little sigh of relief. Every single time.


Organizing has made me happy since I was a child when I used to organize friends’ homes without asking (I ask now). In my former career as a marketing and communications professional, I regularly took a vacation day on my birthday to maximize my closet organization system. Now every day is like my birthday! 


I am a Master Professional Organizer trained by the Institute for Professional Organizers™ and have experience in the 5S organization method of lean manufacturing. I follow SolutionsForYou, Inc.’s 5 Steps to Organizing® process. It is flexible and will provide you with a plan for maintaining your results. 


I bring practicality and enthusiasm to our work together, organizing your home environments in a way that reflects and supports your life. I’m both fun and professional. I also won't judge your current approach to organizing. Trust me: if you were perfectly organized, I wouldn’t get to do this job that I love!

I live with my husband and young, busy son in Seattle. I know what it's like to rush from one thing to the next and, like you, don't have time to fight with a space that doesn't reflect how my family and I live. I too want to end my day in a relaxing, clutter-free living room, breathing that sigh of relief. 

Want an organized home?
Let's make space for what matters to you.
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