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What are the benefits of working with Essential Organizing?

I’m certified by the Institute for Professional Organizers™, a professional member of NAPO and follow NAPO’s code of ethics. I also serve on the board of NAPO's Washington State Chapter. I’ve completed Coaching Essentials, 8-week course on basic coaching skills that I incorporate into my client work. This is Approved Coach-Specific Training per the International Coaching Federation. And I’ve been trained in the 5S organizing system (an approach used in lean manufacturing). 


So basically, I take this work seriously.


I also have a lot of fun doing it! I will not be overwhelmed by your basement or closet. Let’s get in there and get started! I work fast and come up with creative and practical solutions. In my previous professional life, I was trained in facilitation and can help people (you!) make difficult decisions. If I was able to help my mom downsize from five storage units to one, I can help you with your kitchen cabinets.

Are you going to make me get rid of all of my stuff?

Great question. You’ll set a goal at the beginning of the project: what percentage of stuff do you want to let go of? I’ll help you get there. It will always be your decision whether something stays or goes. Whether you are a “more is more” or a “less is more” kind of person, you will keep the items that really matter to you. 

How long will it take?

It all depends on the scope: what do you want to work on and what stuff is there now? I can give you a good idea of how much hands-on organizing time a project will take and you can select a package from there.

How much will it cost?

You can buy packages at different levels. You’re not charged more than that unless you add additional hours. Every package comes with an Organizing Plan of Action that you can use to finish up on your own if needed.

Do you offer consults and I can DIY from there?

Yes, absolutely. Check out Package A: DIY.

Do I need to clean up or prepare anything in advance?

Please don’t! It’s much easier to create a plan that will work for you if you don’t clean up in advance.

Um, is my closet or playroom or kitchen going to be the worst you’ve organized?

Nope. And I’m not going to judge you no matter how much stuff you have or how it’s organized (or not organized). Really.

What kind of organizing do you specialize in?

I love helping people organize their homes. Entire rooms, closets, cabinets, all of it. If you have a project that falls outside of this area, fill out this form and we can chat. If I’m not the right fit, I can refer you to one of my local NAPO colleagues.

Am I going to need to buy a bunch of bins and boxes?

Many projects can be accomplished without buying any organizing accessories. We’ll talk about what you have on hand and what you may need to buy at the beginning of our work together. The choice to buy anything will always be yours and you’ll be organized at the end of our project either way.

Do you offer closet design?

Absolutely. I primarily design with IKEA and The Container Store systems. I can also refer you to a great local company if you need something completely custom. Closet system design counts toward the organizing hours in your package.

Do you install closet systems?

Nope. And you wouldn’t want me to. If we are designing a closet system for you, either I can arrange for someone to install it for you or you can.

Will you organize my calendar/email inbox/digital life?

While I have been trained in helping people organize their time, I prefer to help with physical spaces.

Will you help me set up a system to maintain my newly organized space?

Yes! Maintenance is the most important step! As your life changes, your space will need to change with it. We'll also talk about the entire life cycle of storage: how something gets into your home, how you use it, how you return it to where it belongs and how you reorder or dispose of it. We'll create an easy-to-follow maintenance plan for each area. 

Who does the actual hands-on work?

Typically, it’s a mix of working together and on our own. Often we work together through the Organizing Plan of Action and some of the steps are “homework” for you in between sessions. I am also happy to organize your space on my own, but will always need you to weigh in on whether or not items stay or go.

Do you haul away furniture, trash, recycling and items to be donated?

No, but I can recommend donation or recycling partners for many items. 

What about COVID?

I am fully vaccinated and boosted, follow current masking and vaccination guidelines and will continue to follow guidelines as they evolve.

Do you offer virtual organizing?

Yes, I do. You get the same written plan as any client and we go through the steps together on short video calls (an hour or less). In between calls, you'll have some homework.

Want an organized home?
Let's make space for what matters to you.
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