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Imagine a really great meeting...

You resolved issues that matter.

No more “meeting after the meeting.”

Attendees truly participated.

No more wondering what people are really thinking.

Everyone felt proud of the results.

No more generating ideas that never make it outside the room.

How often do you leave a meeting feeling like: Wow, we accomplished all of our goals?

A facilitator can help you get the most out of high- stakes meetings.

  • I’ll work with you to identify the scope, design the agenda and run the meeting in a way that keeps all participants engaged and achieves your goals.

  • We’ll meet a few times leading up to the session. I’ll gain an understanding of your goals for the meeting and ensure the scope is realistic. 

  • I’ll draft an agenda that you’ll approve. It will include decision-making tools and exercises that ensure everyone feels comfortable participating.

  • During the session, my role is neutral so yours doesn’t have to be. I help move the group through the agenda, being flexible as needed, and resolving conflict along the way.

Who I Work With

  • Mid-sized groups (between five and 20 people) in the Seattle area

  • Businesses and non-profit organizations who want to:

    • Redesign workflows or processes

    • Develop strategic goals or a shared vision

    • Or just have way better annual planning meetings

Facilitation Services

  • Collaborative agenda design, including small group and large group activities to achieve desired goals

  • Proactively identifying risks that could impact the meeting

  • Prep sessions with leaders as needed

  • Managing the flow of the meeting and adjusting in real-time

  • Capturing outputs

  • Follow-up sessions if requested 

Facilitation Testimonial

"Emily expertly synthesized background information to understand the team's scope of work, collaboratively designed the agenda, managed the flow of the day, and guided us into achievement of all desired outcomes. What I appreciate about Emily’s skillful facilitation, and what makes working with her unique, is her ability to assess challenges and design an agenda that will bring them to light and resolve them. She excels at creating space for all participants to share their thoughts which was especially important as the meeting attendees ranged from those with a short tenure with the organization and those who had been on board for two decades.


Emily arranged a variety of small group, large group and structured/unstructured activities so the day moved quickly and remained engaging. We completed the day stronger as a group, energized and satisfied because we accomplished our tasks for the day efficiently and effectively with Emily’s guidance. Another benefit of working with Emily is she clearly had done her homework and prep work prior to the meeting, which is why it flowed so smoothly. Her facilitation style is composed, energetic, thoughtful, and approachable."


Sabrina U., Seattle, WA

University of Washington Alumni Association

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