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Home Organizing Approach

I’ve worked with clients across the Seattle area and I’m looking forward to working with you! Together, we will follow a proven and nonjudgmental process: SolutionsForYou, Inc.’s 5 Steps to Organizing®. Here’s what you can expect:


Initial Consult

I’ll ask you some questions about your goals for the space, take pictures and measure. It will take about an hour.



You’ll receive a written plan for organizing your space, as well as suggestions for using your furniture and accessories to maximize it (this isn’t quite interior design; think great haircut vs. full makeover).



Let the fun begin! You’ll choose a package and we’ll set a schedule. This step is customized based on the package you choose and how much you’d like to do on your own.


Follow Up

In a month or so, I'll reach out to check in on how the system is working. I'll offer (no-charge) tips on how to make improvements.

Want an organized home?
Let's make space for what matters to you.
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